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  • System inspected according to NFPA 25 standards on a yearly, quarterly, and monthly basis
  • A trip test on the dry valve will be performed after which the valve interior (clapper, latching devices, and facing) will be cleaned and returned to service
  • Air and water pressure gauges will be tested for proper operation
  • Quick opening devices (accelerators) will be checked for proper operation
  • All low points will be drained
  • Check piping for mechanical damage, loose hangers, and leaks where it is possible to do so
  • The fire department Siamese connection is checked to see if it is free of debris and that it has the proper caps and gaskets
  • Main drain test performed – involves a full flow through the system’s main drain with the static and residual pressures recorded
  • All alarms including the water flow, water motor gongs, low and high air pressure alarms will be tested
  • Sprinkler heads are checked for obvious mechanical damage, corrosion, paint, leaks, and any other factor that may impair proper function
  • Ensure proper sprinkler head application and head temperature rating
  • Identify recalled sprinkler heads
  • Check for proper storage height for sprinkler heads
  • Tag and date riser for Fire Marshall and insurance agency
  • A printed report of the status of the fire sprinkler system is provided
  • Complete all necessary forms and supply copies to building occupant
  • Light maintenance problems are fixed

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